10 Frank Ocean songs you should revisit tonight

True gems that sometimes take the backseat to hits like 'Nights' or 'Thinkin Bout You'...

Photo by Petra Collins

In honour of sweet baby Frank's birthday, we've curated a list of his songs that you may have skipped over, but that are true lyrical and musical works of art. Channel Orange and Blonde have rightfully become staples in our playlist rotation, and while we always recommend incorporating Frank's music into your daily listening, below are 10 songs you may want to circle back to when you're looking for music that will speak to your soul.

1. Biking (Solo)

While we are fans of Jay-Z and Tyler the Creator's additions to this song, we can't help but argue that the version featuring only Frank's vocals is superior.

2. Only You (Cover)

Whether you need to gas yourself up for your Tinder date or whether you just need another excuse to feel yourself, put on this cover and dance away.

3. Lens

Lost within Frank's resurfacing through a delivery of singles in 2017, this track is arguably one of his best songs to date.

4. Forrest Gump

As one of the most underrated songs on Channel Orange, you're going to want to re-listen to this track. Warning: Tom Hanks is not included.

5. Self Control

If you're not driving home at night with tears streaming down your face while listening to this song, then you're not listening right.

6. American Wedding

This is the best adaptation of "Hotel California" since the Eagles released the original in 1976.

7. Godspeed

This is the perfect song to drunk text that person that you're not quite over but never really dated in the first place...

8. Bad Religion

We don't know about you, but we'd pay Frank Ocean to let us be his taxi driver for the night and listen to his deepest thoughts.

9. Seigfried

Dive into this metaphysical break-up song and reflect on your current life, your past lives, and your future incarnations.

10. Pyramids

We're all just looking for the Cleopatra to our Marc Antony.

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