5 anti-aging products to help you through your quarter-life crisis

Dramatic? Probably. Necessary? Absolutely.

Welcome to your 20-somethings. Gauging rent costs, underpaid jobs and the impending stress of trying to decide what you actually want to do with your life ⁠— these are just some of the pleasantries you have likely become familiar with. Now, we don't know about you... but these realities stress us the f%^k out. And as you probably know, stress is not always the kindest to our skin.

Sure, there are those among us who mirror Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry and seem to never age, but if you're like us, you're just trying to get the universe to give you a brief grace-period between your adulthood acne and middle-aged frown lines.

So, while you're stressing about your next career move or wondering how you're ever going to juggle the cost of rent, student debt, car payments and somehow save to buy a house (?) ⁠— relax. Stop the worry lines. Here are 5 anti-aging products to help you through your midlife crisis.

1. Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

This is a great staple to have in your nightly skincare routine. The high peptide content in the formula will deeply hydrate your skin, leaving it velvety and firm when you wake up. The best part? It's not $100+, so slather it on.

2. Shiseido Ultimate Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate

Shiseido products tend to sit at the luxury price-point, but this eye concentrate is certainly worth the splurge. With ingredients like botanical extracts of Reishi Mushroom and Iris Root, it works to strengthen the skin around the eye area to fight against dryness and friction, which contribute to signs of aging.

3. Hanacure Multi-Action Treatment Mask

The Hanacure mask exploded on Instagram, you may know it as the "wrinkle-effect" face-mask used by celebrities like The Kardashians. This little miracle mask lives up to every bit of the hype. After just one use of this face mask you'll notice significantly more definition in your jawline and cheeks.

4. The Ordinary - Argireline Solution 10%

If you've used products from this line before, you know they're anything but ordinary. Inexpensively priced and effective, The Ordinary products always a great addition to your skincare routine. The Argireline Solution 10% has received mixed reviews on beauty forums, and the formula definitely takes time to show noticeable results...But in our opinion, after about 6 months of use with this product, you can expect to notice the reduced appearance of fine lines around key areas like your forehead, mouth and eyes.

5. Elizabeth Grant Hydra Cell Active Ultimate Hydration Eye Cream

If you're looking to invest in a high quality eye cream that actually provides the results it advertises, this is the product for you. Elizabeth Grant's signature Torricelumn™ formula packs a powerful punch and it is probably the closest thing you can get to Botox without going under a needle. This product will actually help provide the look of a lifted upper eyelid, while reducing the look of crow's feet and dark circles.

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