5 fall wardrobe essentials to make you look like you have your sh*t together

Fall is here and whether you're entering the workforce, hunting for employment or starting your second graduate program (we see you avoiding adulthood) - you need to put your best foot forward.

We believe in individual expression just as much as the next person, but the reality is your Director isn't going to vibe with your beloved grey-sweatsuit-and-vans combo and neither is your graduate advisor. Life can be tough for us 20-somethings, but by adding a few versatile pieces to your wardrobe, dressing to impress doesn't have to be. Mix these 5 essentials into your closet rotation and you'll have your superiors convinced you're the

'I-ran-5k-and-baked-quinoa-muffins-before-8a.m.' kind of person. Don't worry, we won't tell.

Roomy tote bag

Let's start in order of importance. An oversized tote is the ultimate 'pretend-to-have-your-sh*t-together' accessory. Take it from us, these bags are generally large enough to hold your laptop, interview portfolio, flip-flops for the walk home, parking tickets and sandwich from last week's lunch (what?). Using an oversized tote will make you feel like a modern-day Mary Poppins while helping you hide your disastrous organizational skills from the professional world.

Loose-leg dress pants

Time to hand over those skinny jeans. Although many modern work-spaces have started to lean towards 'casual' work attire, a pair of loose leg dress pants are still an essential part of any working gal’s wardrobe. Opt for a pair with a high-rise waist for a chic and seamless look.

Low court heel

A low court heel gives you that polished strut you need at the office without posing as a safety hazard when your sleep-deprived body is running to catch the streetcar.

Statement blazer

Invest in a quality statement blazer that boasts a stylish pattern, bold colour or oversized fit. Statement blazers add a pop of personality to otherwise basic outfits, and wearing one can help you make memorable first impressions with potential employers, advisors or new colleagues.


Polish off your look with a timeless watch with either metal hardware or a leather strap. Our pick is Daniel Wellington - they have a wide selection of simple and sophisticated designs at affordable price points.

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