Aaron Maine and the creative conception of Porches

Is Aaron Maine a reverie? With a cool, calm and dreamlike demeanour, Maine ties striking visuals in with his velvety vocals. Known through his latest musical endeavour, Porches, Maine has become an effectual dancehall persona through his synth-pop sound. Recently gracing the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern in February, Maine is touring upon the release of his newest album, The House.

We had the opportunity to chat with Maine about his transitions through the music industry through his early projects to his recently curated image that is Porches.

Photo by: Jason Nocito

Winslow: What was it like growing up in Pleasantville and how was the music scene?

Aaron Maine: Pleasantville was good. I was lucky enough to have a small group of like-minded friends to make music with, skate with, paint with.  We weren’t very “cool” but the scene was supportive of each other. 

Winslow: We were introduced to Porches through your first full length album, Slow Dance in the Cosmos. Can you tell us about this project?

Aaron Maine: That record was recorded over the course of 2.5 years with Hunter Davidson producing it, and Christopher Daly mixing with additional production. What a journey that one was. So much combing over, so many sessions, so many people involved, so many emotions. It was exciting. I learned a lot about myself, my music and my process making that. 

Winslow: What were the initial pressures you faced when you first began releasing music?

Aaron Maine: There wasn’t much pressure when I first began. It was a relief to release

something. I had made up my mind about how I felt about it, and was proud enough of it to share it publicly. I was prepared for it to go unnoticed forever, so it was crazy when it started to get some attention. 

Photo by: Jason Nocito

Winslow: Fast forward to 2016 when Pool is released and becomes immortalized as your breakthrough record. How does this title make you feel?

Aaron Maine: Haha, I don’t know. It’s crazy to look back at it and imagine it as a “breakthrough” album. I was just doing the same thing I had been doing for 5 years. Something just clicked I guess. 

Winslow: Do you have a specific process when you are writing an album? How do you stay inspired?

Aaron Maine: I just write, write, write, write and write. Listen, read, hangout. Work, work, work and work.  I feel inspired having a cup of coffee with someone.  

Winslow: As an artist, do you feel pressure to be constantly creating?

Aaron Maine: I do feel it, mostly from myself though. 

Photo by: Jason Nocito

Winslow: Your third album, The House was released in January 2018. What did this album teach you and what was the experience like creating it?

Aaron Maine: I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve, and it was exciting to try and arrive there. It feels good to have taken the chances I did in exploring the structure of a song and the structure of an album. It was a very intense experience making, The House

Winslow: How is the process of stylizing your image and aesthetics tied into the process of creating music?

Aaron Maine: It’s all connected. Both my style and my music are direct extensions of my personal experiences. My interests, my inspirations, my life. With Porches, I try to put together sounds and visuals that are the best reflections of my current self. 

Winslow: Where would we find you if you weren’t making music?

Aaron Maine: Painting. 

Watch his latest video for his song Goodbye, below.

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