Elliot Moss reveals all with A Change in Diet

Some of the greatest works of art come to fruition after we experience hardship. For Elliot Moss, it was the end of a 10-year relationship that inspired his newest work, A Change in Diet. Emotions are untethered and vulnerabilities are put on display through Moss' lyrical storytelling.

A singer/songwriter, producer, visual artist and multi-instrumentalist from New York, Moss is no stranger to the creative process. Keep reading below to get a glimpse into his psyche and the experience he had while creating his latest EP.

Winslow: First thing's first, tell us about yourself. Who is Elliot Moss?

Elliot Moss: I’m a producer / engineer / songwriter from NY. I released my first record toward the end of high school, and most recently my LP entitled A Change in Diet.”

W: Who would you say are your biggest influences in music and in your everyday life?

EM: Things that make me feel strongly. If I have a reaction to a situation or a person that sits warm or cold in my chest, I know there’s something there.

W: Talk to us about your new album, A Change in Diet. What was it like creating this body of work?

EM: This was a really difficult piece to finish since it’s completion sort-of tied in with the end of a 10-year relationship, also the catalyst for many of the album's themes. Spiraling toward the end, there were a couple of years that went by where I got almost nothing done. I didn’t have the energy or the drive. But putting a few miles from myself and the cause was all I needed to call it done. A bit of perspective I had no idea was missing.

W: What is your favourite track in this album and what does it mean to you?

EM: Smile in the Rain. It’s about letting your mind trail off to a place where you can ignore reality for a bit. Daydreaming of a make-believe place where we can’t feel our pain. But the more you neglect your pain, the more it’ll undermine you.

W: What’s next for you - what should we be looking out for?

EM: I’ve got much of the next release under my belt, and more after that. More recently, the faucet has been turned on and I’m having trouble shutting it off. Also, lots and lots of touring. We’ve also got a pretty special video coming...

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