Getaway to Montreal: a weekend travel plan

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

Sometimes you want to see new sites and travel outside your usual 9-5 but don't often have the time or resources to do so. If you're over the idea of a stay-cation, (who wouldn't be - you don't always want to be stuck at your local bowling alley drinking with your high school friends) you still have the opportunity to get out and see all that the world has to offer without having to travel to the ends of the earth.

Montréal is a great option for a quick weekend getaway with your boo or friends. It is a quick 45-minute flight or a train/car/bus ride that will get you to your destination in under six hours. We have compiled an itinerary with things to do, places to see, and most importantly, places to get your food and drink on. Montréal has a lot of offer and we want you to do it the right way.


6:45 AM: train/plane/bus/car ride to to MTL

There are many options on how to reach your destination. It is often most economically sound to drive or take the train or megabus. Like all travel, you are going to get the best bang for your buck if you book a few months in advance. If you are looking for a faster, more bougie option, you can always check out Porter Airlines, as they often have relatively affordable flights coming from Toronto to Montreal on the daily.

12 PM: Lunch

You've been traveling and at this point you're probably hungry. If you're anything like us, it's best to keep you fed in order to keep you happy. There are many great restaurants in Montréal that will keep both your stomach and bank account secure.

  • Option A: Explore the beautiful area of the Mile End, grab some coffee, and check out Drogheria Fine located at 68 Fairmount Ouest for $5 gnocci.

  • Option B: Explore St. Laurent Street in Montréal's Plateau and grab a famous smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz Deli, located at 3895 St Laurent Blvd.

3 PM: Entertainment and Sight Seeing

You've finished lunch and now you're ready to see a bit more of the city before heading back to your airbnb to get ready for dinner and a night out. There are some great spots to explore while working up an appetite for dinner.

  • Option A: Wander around the cobblestone paths of Old Montréal and imagine as if you are being transported to Europe. Venture around Place Jacques-Cartier Square and into the Notre-dame Basilica for some beautiful views.

  • Option B: Hike up to the top of Mont-Royal and see the city in all its glory. While this is a great afternoon activity, it's an incredible view at night or right before the sun rises, (if you're willing to start a hike around 5:30 AM).

8 PM: Dinner

After you've had a chance to sneak in a quick power nap at your airbnb and hop in the shower, you're on the right track and you are going to need to refuel. There are hundreds of spots to dine and mix in a cocktail or two before heading out on the town.

  • Option A: Waverly Bar currently has a new menu paired with affordable drinks and cute atmosphere to accompany your visit.

  • Option B: Qing Hua Dumpling is perhaps one of the best restaurants in the city. For authentic Chinese dumplings, visit this little spot and get ready to be amazed at the quality of the food.

10 PM: Drinks

You're full from dinner but the night is not over. You want to see more of what Montréal's nightlife has to offer. Check out one of these local watering holes for some fun and tasty beverages.

  • Option A: Head to Chinatown and try out Montréal's hidden gem, Bar Le Mal Nécessaire located at 1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Keep an eye out for a neon pineapple sign to guide you into Tiki cocktails and cheap Chinese tapas.

  • Option B: In the plateau lives one of Montréal's hidden bars, Big in Japan. With no indication that there is anything going on behind its nondescript grey door, you are in for a world of surprise and will be swept away to another era with its old fashioned decor and charming cocktails.


Rise and shine! The birds are singing, and you don't have to go to work. Instead of staring at a computer screen all day, you have a wonderful itinerary planned full of tasty meals and places to see.

9 AM: Breakfast

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we concur. Montréal has tons of cute cafes and restaurants to get you prepared for your day.

  • Option A: Cafe Bazin is the mix between a pastry shop, café and a French bistro nestled into the Westmount area at 380 Victoria Ave.

  • Option B: Restaurant Mélisse is the cutest little place located in Griffintown at 719 William St. It has options for everyone for the health conscious consumer to the gourmet dish connoisseur.

12 PM: Lunch

The two places listed for lunch have a special place in our hearts. They have fed us for many years and never fail to satisfy.

  • Option A: LOV is a paradise for any plant-based eater but is still a tasty surprise to those who aren't vegetarian or vegan. Located at 464 McGill St, their decor is absolutely adorable and provides the perfect opportunity to take a proper photo for your Instagram.

  • Option B: Larry's is our absolute favourite Montréal restaurant located at 9 Farimount E. Tapas inspired dishes are perfect for any meal of the day and are packed with flavour you will dream about for days to come.

3 PM: Entertainment and Sight Seeing

With your second day in Montréal we offer some suggestions to see more of the city and explore its sights or opt out for a relaxing afternoon.

  • Option A: Head to the Atwater market and stock up on fresh snacks for your airbnb or get some ice cream and then walk around the Lachine Canal.

  • Option B: If you would rather be pampered, Bota Bota in the Old port of Montréal is the perfect place for you. Relax in their warm pools or pamper yourself with a treatment.

8 PM: Dinner

There are so many restaurant choices and I'm sure your head is spinning. But, you're hungry, and you're going to want to try out one, (or both) of these options to satisify your craving.

  • Option A: Perhaps unlike anywhere else in the Canada, Sushi Momo offers exclusively vegan sushi. Do not fear meat eaters - you will love their menu and be delightfully surprised by your experience.

  • Option B: Yokato Yokabi is the best ramen spot in the city. Serving traditional ramen in a busy little restaurant, you will be leaving with your stomach full and heart happy.

10 PM: Drinks and Dancing

  • Option A: Le Darling Bar located at 4328 St Laurent in the plateau. The decor is, should we say, darling...

  • Option B: Ok I gotta be honest, our favourite Montréal bar for a night out is Fitzroy located at 551 Mont-Royal Ave E. The music is always great, and it's a billiard so you can take full advantage of their pool tables.

  • Option C: Our second favourite destination for a night out in Montreal is Apartment 200, located at 3643 St Laurent Blvd. The music is always fire and you're for sure to have a good time.


10 AM Brunch

Hopefully by this point you haven't died after your night out, because we have a lot in store for you. It's time to rally and spend your last day in Montréal riding out any energy you have left.

  • Option A: SuWu is a great brunch location located at 3581 St Laurent Blvd. If you're really ready to party, you should try out their bottomless mimosas.

  • Option B: Universel has all the options you could ask for. If you're unsure, go for one of their many Egg Benedict options and you won't be disappointed.

12 PM: Lunch

If you did brunch right, you probably shouldn't be hungry at this point, but we're not here to judge. Here are some options for a quick, but delicious bite-to-eat.

  • Option A: Dagwoods is a well-known Montréal sandwich spot with several locations around the city and is a perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat.

  • Option B: Mandy's also has multiple locations around the city and serves delicious gourmet salads.

1 PM: Entertainment and Sight Seeing

  • Option A: Piknik Eletronik is a weekly electronic music festival that takes place every Sunday afternoon during the summer months at Parc Jean Drapeau. If electronic music isn't for you, there are many other activities available at the park for you to try.

  • Option B: Tam Tams is a weekly street festival held on Sundays in Montréal's Mount Royal Park located at 4200 Park Ave. Music, jewelry sales, and a large drum circle await you.

5 PM: train/plane/bus/car ride back home

There you have it. A perfectly fun weekend with your loved ones that didn't completely break the bank. You now have a cool story to tell your buddies at the water cooler instead of the usual silence that fills those early morning trips. Further, you can one-up Karen, who always talks about how cultured she is because she went backpacking through Europe after University.

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