Getaway to San Francisco: a weekend travel plan

Sometimes you need a break from your daily life. We get it! We are individuals with curious minds and a desire to explore the crazy world we live in. For those tired of blankly staring at the decor of GO trains and the TTC, we have something for you.

We have compiled a complete travel plan for a fun-filled getaway to San Francisco. We promise, it's not that far.


6:45 AM: Flight from Toronto to San Francisco

Rise and shine! Dust the snow off your Birkenstocks and get ready for warmer weather and sunshine. You remember what that feels like, don't you? Don't be afraid of costly flight fees, check out apps like Hopper or Google flights for reasonable ticket prices.

12PM: Lunch

You've settled into your hotel and you're ready to hit the town. This city has something for everyone, so let's get started.

  • Option A: Original Joe's at 601 Union St is a great spot in the heart of the Italian neighbourhood.

  • Option B: Nopalito has two locations at 306 Broderick Street or 1224 9th avenue. This cute restaurant features traditional Italian food on a first-come first-served basis.

3PM: Entertainment and Sightseeing

After filling up on some delicious food, it's time to explore the city.

  • Option A: Get some culture in your life and visit the SFMOMA at 151 3rd St. It has now tripled in size and rivals the MOMA in NYC.

  • Option B: Get outdoors and hike the Lands End Trail until you get to Eagle Labyrinth. Plug your destination into google maps and enjoy the amazing views of the bay and the bridge.

8PM: Dinner

After a long day of exploring and sightseeing you've worked up an appetite.

  • Option A: If you thought you could get through this list without us mentioning the city's best sushi spot, you thought wrong. Ebisu restaurant at 1283 9th Ave is amazing and something you don't want to miss.

  • Option B: Magnolia Gastropub at 1398 Haight St. is a great option for something more laid back. It features organic bar food and a long list of home brews.

10PM: Drinks

It's time to hit the town.

  • Option A: Vesuvio Cafe at 255 Columbus Ave is the local watering hole of older beat poets like Kerouac and Ginsberg. Sit in the upper portion of the bar and people-watch the interesting crowd below.

  • Option B: Ahoy, matey. Try Smuggler's Cove at 650 Gough St for a pirate-themed bar with over 200 types of rum.


10AM Brunch

After a night of rest, (or not - who are we to judge?) you're ready to another packed day. Check out these brunch spots to get you started.

  • Option A: Foreign Cinema at 2534 Mission St is a popular brunch spot. It has beautiful decor with amazing food. To be safe, book a reservation ahead of time to ensure you get a seat.

  • Option B: Palm House at 2032 Union St is a great brunch spot with a tropical theme, patio and Caribbean menu including bites and frozen cocktails.

12PM Sightseeing and Entertainment

You've had your first (or third) mimosa of the day and you're ready to go.

7PM Dinner

After a packed day of running around the city you're ready to sink your teeth into something.

  • Option A: Mission Chinese at 2234 Mission St has some of the best fusion food by a famous chef.

  • Option B: Don't be fooled by the modest decor, as Pancho Villa Taqueria has the best tacos in the city.

10PM Drinks

Round two, anyone?

  • Option A: Whitechapel at 600 Polk St is a famous gin bar that dressed as a 1800s tube station in London.

  • Option B: Pagan Idol at 375 Bush St is a tiki bar shaped like the inside of a ship. Every 30 minutes they fake rain showers and mist. How cute?


10AM Brunch

  • Option A: Outerlands restaurant is famous for brunch. It's a bit further, but its definitely worth taking the trip to try out their pancakes.

  • Option B: 'āina at 900 22nd St is a modern Hawaiian restaurant known for their rustic-chic quarters and tropical drinks.

12AM Sightseeing and Entertainment

  • Option A: Check out North Beach in the Italian area of the city. Go into the bakeries, have a coffee at a cafe and visit the City Lights bookstore.

  • Option B: Explore The Mission, there are lots of cool restaurants and bars. Grab a bite to eat and hang out in Dolores Park.

5PM Flight home

Well, that's all folks. You survived a jam-packed weekend in San Fran. You now should have tons of photos to flood your IG timeline to make your life look more interesting that it usually is.

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