Hot looks for cold nights out: tips from Opus owner Katie Hall

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

Opus Jeans is a boutique clothing store located in Oakville, Ontario offering men's and women's styles. The new owner of Opus, Katie Hall, is a 22 year-old girl boss on a mission to help people become more confident through style. Katie hopes to inspire young women to create their own futures and to work against the structures in society that make women feel like they can't obtain their dreams.

We got to speak to Katie about winter fashion tips and trends. Keep reading to find out how you can serve steaming looks in sub-zero weather!

Katie Hall, Owner of Opus Jeans, Photo by Jake Carty

Winslow: How has Opus evolved over the past year in terms of style, brands carried in-store and overall mantra? 

Katie: Opus has been around since 1968. When we first launched, the brand was free spirited, very bohemian. I like to think it has evolved with the times. We always try to keep things current and keep the customer in mind. I’m always hunting for new brands and pieces to help keep us original yet, on trend. 

Winslow: What style tips do you have for a night out in January? 

Katie: My biggest style tip for a night out in January is to plan the look around your jacket. Obviously when it’s -25 °C you’re not going to leave the house without a coat, and you don’t want to have to carry your down-filled jacket around the bar. Go for a leather, puffer or faux- fur jacket and build the rest from there. 

Winslow: If you only have 20 minutes to get ready before going out, what is your go-to look/outfit? 

Katie: I ALWAYS plan my outfits around my jeans. If my girl hits me up last minute I grab a high rise skinny jean and almost always pair it with a crop top and booties. 

Winslow: What are 3 fashion staples should our readers have in their closet this winter? 

Katie: Right now I’m OBSESSED with high waisted cargo pants, so those are a must. Anything sheer - I'm really into layering. And last but not least, patent leather booties. 

Winslow: What styles do you see being popular in 2018? 

Katie: In 2018, I’m seeing a lot of sleeve embellishments, sport-inspired denim (racing stripes) and pastels!


Photo by Cristina Melo


Photo by Cristina Melo

Faux-fur print

Photo by Cristina Melo

Visit Opus for cosy winter coats that will keep you warm while looking fire.

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