Living large on a budget: 15 Dollarama items you need right now

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

The holidays were expensive. Dollarama isn't. If you're as broke as us right now, your typical drug store or grocery run might be looking a little steep...

We've curated the best Dollarama items available so you and your $20 budget can continue to enjoy the small luxuries in life...You know, like fresh toiletries and Pop-Tarts.

1. Stylish 2018 weekly planners and agendas

These agendas are only $3.50 CAD. These are a thrifty way to organize your school projects or keep track of office meetings and due-dates.

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2. Brookside chocolate covered fruit snacks

This is luxury snacking for a dollar, baby.

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3. Pop-Tarts

The ultimate hangover or break-up cure...Dollarama is stocked with the best flavours, too.

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4. Black velvet hangers

Opulent living in your 20-somethings means hanging your $15 Forever21 bodycon dress on velour.

5. Garnier Texture Tease spray

This is a holy-grail product if you have limp, body-less hair. A 2016 Allure Beauty winner, this finishing spray adds grit and volume which can give boost bob cuts or add character to styled curls. The best part? Dollarama is currently selling bottles for $3 CAD. Yeah, stock up.

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6. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Channel your inner Salt Bae on your entrees with this gourmet seasoning for $2.50 CAD.

7. Lysol wipes

Because those sticky counters won't clean themselves an hour before Mom comes to visit.

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8. Scented garbage bags

New year, new you. Swap the putrid garbage smell for a perfumed one.

9. Laundry detergent

No bells and whistles here, but it gets the job done.

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10. Güd shampoo and conditioner

This was a popular product back in the days of Target Canada (R.I.P). Thankfully, Dollarama now stocks it! Created by the makers of Burt's Bees, this duo will leave your hair feeling light, clean and energized.

11. Basically any kitchen soap or cleaning supplies you need

Can we boycott grocery shopping for dollar-store shopping?

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12. Toilet paper and paper towel

We might not be saving trees, but we're saving you money...

13. Glassware, tumblers and swaggy sippy cups

Storm Trooper sippy-cup, $2 CAD. A photo of you crowdsurfing at Osheaga with said sippy- cup, priceless.

14. Tone mango splash body wash

A luxurious and creamy formula with the scent of a delicious mango smoothie. Rub-a-dub-dub!

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15. Makeup sponges

Beauty retailers have been playing you. These imitation beauty blender get the job done for $2 CAD.

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