Meet: Farren

Always a dreamer, Farren was exhausted by the mundanity his everyday life in Spruce Grove, Alberta. To alleviate his feelings of restlessness, he threw himself into one creative venture after another. A byproduct of his mother's influence, Farren found solace in the voices of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Ella Fitzgerald, as they created the soundtrack to his sleepy Saturday mornings as a child.

Farren immersed himself in an online world to share his passion for music, art and fashion with others. He often found himself in spirited debates on Twitter about anything from the influences of Valentino's 2019 Spring collection to why Tierra Whack's, Wack World was still the best thing to happen to Instagram since losing its chronological algorithm. Farren spent many late nights staring at a bright blue screen arguing over why his ideas reigned supreme. This online world is where he met Simon, a fashion student based in Stockholm who Farren quickly took a liking to. Simon's wit and unabashed attitude towards life were qualities that Farren just couldn't ignore.

Farren met his match in Simon. It was not often that he found someone who could share ideas in conversation that he had yet to consider himself. Simon was well-read, articulate and had rooted knowledge in all things pop culture. Farren was hooked.

Simon, like Farren, was a student trying to make ends meet. While funds were low, the two grew their relationship from a distance, always wondering what it might be like to spend an afternoon together. Farren wondered if the corners of Simon's eyes crinkled when he smiled, or if his voice was as textured in-person as it sounded over the phone.

As it often happens with long-distance relationships, the frequency of their conversations began to fade. Simon became busy with school, and Farren grew tired of trying to navigate their opposite schedules. Farren tried not to brood over "what could have been." Their digital love story had ended just as quickly as it started.

Photography: Wyatt Lowry / Stylist: Arianna Stalteri / MUA: Monika Montiel / Model: Dewry McLaughlin

Photography: Wyatt Lowry / Stylist: Arianna Stalteri / MUA: Monika Montiel / Model: Dewry McLaughlin