Meet: Margaret and Atticus

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Margaret and Atticus weren’t always unhappy. Although it seems like a distant time ago, the two were once quite smitten with each other. Both New York natives, Margaret and Atticus first met in an art history class. The two were a likely match. Atticus was a fine art major and Margaret, although undeclared, had a fervent interest in the work of modern renaissance. They spent their early twenties inseparable, frequenting indie film screenings and art shows - falling deeper in love with each other, and before they knew it, they were married.

About a year into their marriage, Atticus went back to school to earn his PhD in Visual Arts. After struggling to find a job in art curation, Margaret set out to pursue a career in the corporate world and quickly established herself as a broker at an insurance firm. With the new commitments of their professional pursuits, the two found it difficult to make time for one another. Margaret often worked at the office past 8:00 p.m. and Atticus was preoccupied with his studies into the early hours of the morning. Despite their changing schedules, they made a pact, albeit halfheartedly, that nothing would come between them.


Time can have a funny way of changing people and relationships. Atticus became quiet, leaving most of his thoughts unsaid. He began to spend more and more time working in the studio or studying in the library. Margaret became distant, spending most of her time with her colleagues from work. She hated to admit it, but a part of her resented Atticus' career in fine arts, a career she had once so coveted.

Neither Atticus or Margaret can pinpoint precisely when their love ran sour, but one thing is for sure – two is now a crowd.

Photography: Wyatt Lowry / Stylist: Arianna Stalteri / MUA: Monika Montiel / Models: Dewry McLaughlin and Anna-Marie Panganiban

Photography: Wyatt Lowry / Stylist: Arianna Stalteri / MUA: Monika Montiel / Models: Dewry McLaughli and Anna-Marie Panganiban