Meet the Cary Tauben: style king to Miguel, Ashley Graham, among others

From his fearless use of colour and texture to his retro-glam looks, Cary Tauben has become a force to be reckoned with in fashion. With roots in Montréal, Cary Tauben has expanded outside of the Canadian fashion scene to style icons like Miguel and Ashley Graham. Cary has put in the work to build himself into a respected fashion industry professional and this year he has received a nomination for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA).

We had the chance to chat with Cary about his career, how he broke into the fashion industry and his inspirations.

Photo via @carytauben

Winslow: How did you get into the fashion industry and how did you start your career as a stylist?

Cary Tauben: I would say I always had a little fashion in my blood. My grandfather worked in the garment industry and my father inherited this company, which sold children's fashion to big retailers like Sears & Walmart. I always had a very unique sense of style but never knew I could make a living off of it. After university in Montreal, a friend of mine suggested I try assisting a stylist, which is exactly what I did. I got to understand how the industry worked in Montreal and to develop my portfolio with creatives I connected with. I then got signed in Montreal and Toronto, which helped me as a stylist to develop my network & career.

Cary Tauben (left), Ashley Graham (right), photo via @carytauben

Winslow: How has your career grown and developed over the past three years?

Cary Tauben: My career and my style grows every day! With social media everything is much different than it used to be. Your reach is so much broader because everything is easily accessible these days. I still love what I do for a living, which is really a blessing. I am also nominated for a CAFA for stylist of the year which is a great honour just to even be recognized in Canada. 

Miguel, Photo via The-Project

Winslow: You are definitely making all of us Canadians proud. You've had the opportunity to style some big names like Miguel and Ashley Graham. What has been your favourite gig or project you've worked on so far?

Cary Tauben: I couldn't say that one specific gig or project is my favourite because they are all passion projects no matter what the job! However, traveling for work is always super fun and inspiring. Being able to work in a speedo is definitely a plus!

Winslow: Who are your influences and what influences your style or the styles you create?

Cary Tauben: I really love seeing what models wear off-duty because they have access to clothes right off the runway and are gifted clothing from top designers. Seeing how they mix and match has always been something I have noticed. I've also always been a huge 90's Versace & Chanel fan! More is more! Less is less! 

Winslow: What inspires the concepts for the looks you create? How do you go about developing a concept for a new look?

Cary Tauben: I've always been inspired by street style! I travel quite a lot so I get to see all different types of style all over the world and I get to see beautiful clothing in stores everywhere. I think it really depends on the situation, however, for my creative concepts and shoots there is always a street element involved.  I always try to create images that someone would want to reference or put in a mood board...kind of like back in the day when you would rip a photo out of a magazine and tape it up on your wall or in your school locker.

Winslow: For many people, "fashion" ends at pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the morning, but fashion can be a powerful force. With current issues like racism, misogyny, and the intolerance of different sexual orientations, fashion can provide a platform for people to freely express themselves and to challenge these issues. Can you speak to the importance of fashion and creative personal expression in today's society?

Cary Tauben: I think fashion and creative expression is super important! It lets people proudly express who they are. Confidence is the best outfit you can wear really. I know that personally when I look good I feel good! I express my feelings through my style and put smiles on people's faces with my colourful vibrant outfits everyday. 

Winslow: If you could give our readers one piece of fashion advice, what would it be?


Winslow: What was your favourite celebrity look in 2017?

Cary Tauben: I would have to say Rihanna in Gucci at Coachella 2017! I saw this live, in person, and I almost fell to the floor. She was the first one to wear this look and this specific material! To see this in person at the festival with her own flavour was super cool!

Photo via Harper's Bazaar

Winslow: What advice would you give an aspiring or up-and-coming stylist?

Cary Tauben: It's easy with social media these days to just give yourself a title and rush into it, however, in the end this is still a career and a business. Learn from others who have the experience and knowledge.

Photo via @carytauben

Cary is signed to The-Project, a brand and strategy agency tailored to industry creatives. You can follow Cary's styles and photoshoots on Instagram.

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