Music's 'Culture Kid' Jain grows her audience around the globe

With over 30 million Spotify streams and a loyal fanbase across Europe, Jain is a growing force in the international music scene. After her impressive performance at Danforth Music Hall on October 24th, Jain has proved she is quickly growing a following around the world.

Jain is an English and French-speaking singer-songwriter with a unique childhood story characterized by living in multiple countries around the world. More endearing than her electro-pop sound is Jain's commitment to honouring the cultures she has experienced by incorporating their sounds into her music.

We had a chance to catch up with Jain to discuss her latest album, Souldier, and to talk about how her multicultural childhood shaped the artist she is today.

Winslow: This year has been a big year for you, with the release of your sophomore album Souldier in late August, and you're now in the midst of the North American leg of your tour. Tell us a bit more about this album and what it means to you to be able to be on tour, sharing your music with fans around the world.

Jain: For me it means everything. This album, Souldier, was created when I was on tour, it is so relevant for me to be able to play it live.

I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to tour around different countries, it was a dream since the very beginning. I was trying to heal myself while writing songs, so my goal is to make people feel better about themselves during the show. Like a Souldier.

Winslow: Describe the creative concept behind the music video for 'Alright':

Jain: We’ve been working since the very beginning with Greg and Lio on the music video, and for “Alright” we wanted to make a statement: how to not feel ashamed about being an independent women today.

I really wanted to show talented and strong women, doing things that are usually seen as being done by man. Graffiti, Biking, Skating, etc. We wanted to break the stereotype.

Winslow: You were born in Toulouse, and then travelled all over the world because of your father's career. How did that early exposure to different cultures and different types of music shape your music and growth as an artist? 

Jain: Yes, I started to travel quite early in my life and I think it really made who I am today.

Actually, I don’t even know if I would have pursued music if I hadn’t travelled. I left France when I was 9 to go to Dubai for three years, then spent years in the Congo, and then had my graduation in Abu Dhabi.

In all these countries there was an amazing mix of music, from Congolese rumba to hip-hop, from Arabic music to Indian music…That’s what I want to do with my own music, I want to tell my stories by mixing the cultures. 

Winslow: You've developed a solid following in France and Europe in general. What's it like bringing your music to North America and working to establish a larger following here?

Jain: It’s great! I have to go back to the basics when I’m in North America. I have to learn my job again and because of this I learn that nothing is gained but also that everything is possible. And it’s a great feeling to start things fresh and to see that, still, music is working.

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