Resolution R4 calls for the erasure of gender identity from Ontario schools

On November 17th, the Ontario PC party passed a resolution to no longer recognize gender identity theory within Ontario schools. The party states the resolution passed from the floor was passed only as a debate item for next year’s convention.

Image from @fordnation

The idea was first put forward by Tanya Granic Allen, a failed former party leadership hopeful who was let go after a video surfaced from 2014 wherein Granic Allen is heard making homophobic statements while discussing sexual education in Croatia. 

The resolution, named 'Resolution R4' postulates that gender identity is"a highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology.’" If put forward, it will eliminate the teaching of gender identity within Ontario schools.

Former Premier, Kathleen Wynne, released a statement on Twitter stating that "every student in Ontario deserves the right to go to school in a safe and inclusive environment," and that "they also have the right to have their identity acknowledged."

Criticism also came from NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, as he states that this policy is a "dangerous position that puts LGBTQ youth at risk” stemming from earlier accusations by the PC party that claim discussions of gender identity are "unscientific"and an"ideology."

This resolution is the newest development within the PC party's stance on Ontario's sex-ed curriculum since stating they would revert back to the 1998 sex-education curriculum that does not include discussions of gender identity, same-sex relationships and online safety.

Resolution R4 directly impacts the rights of LGBTQI2-S individuals living in Ontario. With members of this community already subject to discrimination on a daily basis, the outright erasure of education on gender identity is, to put lightly, a direct attack on human rights in Canada.

This resolution, if put into policy, holds a higher risk for considerations of the safety and well-being of young trans and non-binary students across Ontario. Moreover, it holds risk of consecrating transphobia into the PC party's official stance.

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