Why are menstrual products are some of the most requested items in shelters, but the least frequently donated

Period poverty describes the inability to access menstrual products because of financial constraints. In Toronto alone, there are over 22,000 vulnerable people in need of menstrual products and one-third of menstruators under the age of 25 have struggled to afford menstrual products in Canada.  


Period poverty is complex because it often contributes to the factors that perpetuate cycles of poverty and marginalization. For example, if someone is unable to afford menstrual products, their period may prevent them from going to work or school, attending interviews or participating in community programs, which subsequently hinders their ability to use these opportunities to change their situation of homelessness or poverty.

This is Period Poverty is a campaign created and produced by Winslow Magazine to raise awareness about period poverty in Toronto. The campaign shares the stories of individuals who have experienced homelessness and the challenges they have faced while managing their periods without access to appropriate menstrual products. These stories highlight the social, political and economic factors that create obstacles for menstruators in-need across Canada, and throughout the world.


This is Period Poverty is intended to start a conversation about menstrual equity and generate donations for The Period Purse. The Period Purse is a non-profit organization that works to achieve menstrual equity through outreach, education and advocacy. To date, The Period Purse has provided supplies to support over 21,989 healthy periods. 


You can make a donation to The Period Purse on behalf of the This is Period Poverty campaign here: https://www.theperiodpurse.com/fundraiser/event/this-is-period-poverty 


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